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APTS is a company specialized in the installation of metal structures, cladding and glass façades, adapted to the needs of each client. We develop solutions able to meet the highest expectations of our customers, delivering a product that reaches the expected quality.

Our work includes not only the installation of metal structures and cladding but also the design and manufacture of architectural solutions associated with those construction works. We add our know-how, experience acquired and high technical qualification so that our clients entrust their investment with total security.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to create value to our customers and stakeholders by seeking to meet the individual needs of each one of them, relying on the innovation, creativity and commitment of all our employees.

With the vision of becoming one of the largest groups worldwide, it looks to exceed expectations, surprising and overcoming all challenges with ambition and confidence.

- Passion: We have total commitment to the work we do;

- Honesty: We set up all relationships by ethical principles of integrity;

- Accuracy: We set ambitious goals and use all our knowledge to achieve them;

- Confidence: We are relentlessly seeking to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders;

- Professionalism: We promote the development of the knowledge and skills of our employees.


From the dream of two young people, APTS was established in 2001 with the goal of being a reference in the sector of the installation works in construction. Today the APTS is a company that operates in various international markets under the specific jurisdiction of each one of them, adapting to all contractual specificities of each project. From the success of its core, stands out the extreme requirement for the continuous satisfaction of its customers and Stakeholders. 

The continuous effort for excellence has led us to internationalization as well as strategic re-adaptation under the requirements of each market at any given moment.
The demands of the markets as well as the new economic and financial challenges have guided us to what we are today, a solid company capable of responding to the most demanding challenges.


In the globalized world the difference will be made by the people who make up the organizations' organism, individuals with communication skills, team spirit, leadership, perception of cost-benefit and focus on results. People who have initiative, willingness to take risks and capability of adapting to new situations, through commitment, motivation, discipline, the constant search for knowledge and skill in personal relationships.

It is with this philosophy that APTS deals with its employees on a daily basis so that this differentiation is a fundamental competitiveness factor for success.

Message From The Board


In challenging times like the ones we face, it is imperative to make decisions and come up with often difficult measures - choices have to be made. In the last two years we have witnessed major changes in the Group due to a constant need to adapt to market conditions and in response to the crisis. This was a complex period, but we believe that we have laid the foundations to be stronger and more confident in the future, which is already tomorrow!

With external factors increasingly adverse, and the risks doubled, it was necessary to internally evaluate our activity and strategy.


We feel the need to be more conservative about the future and to walk a solid path of preparation for sustainable growth. We will continue the process of consolidating the Group's presence in some markets, making it increasingly international.

Today, more than ever, we believe in the Group's Future.

Dear Stakeholder, thank you for the trust deposited!

Metallic Structures

In an increasingly globalized world, the need to monetize any investment quickly arises. In this context, metallic structures are a strong weapon in terms of competitiveness. From this need apts soon specialized its team in the assembly of any type of metallic structures.

Fifteen years demonstrate the success in the strategy defined with a wide range of metallic structures executed by this strong team, from the simplest metallic warehouse to the most complex bridge and stadiums.

Claddings and Roofs

Associated with the information and knowledge acquired by all our biggest challenge is to meet all the specific requirements idealized by our customers. The image is the result of an increasingly demanding and specific architectural desire. Know-how and technical knowledge are the simple requirements we have demonstrated and learned over the years in the various markets in which we operate. Good taste and execution are definitely the result of the work idealized by an increasingly demanding architecture.

From the installation of claddings in single plates to the most complex aluminium panel in both facade and roof, they definitely characterize the activity performed by the apts team.

Waterproofing of synthetic and asphalt roofs


The speed and versatility that the waterproofing membranes provide, in addition to the adaptability of these to the constructive solutions of the current projects have forced us over the years to perfect our know-how in this increasingly sought after activity.

The thousands of square meters installed in the various countries where we operate show the adaptability of our employees to the most demanding installation techniques of this type of products.

Safety equipment


By safeguarding what we have best, LIFE, apts has taken very early security as a priority. Hence comes the specialization in installation of collective security equipment, namely safety nets. These collective safety nets, horizontal and vertical, are a requirement in all our projects.

Associated with an increasingly common need of our clients, we have a team specialized in performing work in height, climbers, as well as installers of permanent lifelines.

Glass and Aluminium Façades


By adapting the strategy to the construction trends as well as the versatility of our entire team, we could not fail to get involved in the installation of aluminium and glass façades, which are increasingly important in the construction sector.

The result of this strategy is the work already done on the various existing systems and brands of aluminium and glass façades in several countries.

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